Can’t do without coffee!

Can’t do without coffee! There are many factors that affect the atmosphere in the office and, consequently, the level of employee satisfaction. Many of them, such as the amount of remuneration or the scope of duties performed, are difficult to have a direct impact on.

However, what you can take care of is high-quality and well-chosen coffee for the company. For most Poles, this drink is an element without which they cannot imagine their morning or the start of work. If you want to show your employees that you care about them – give me a good coffee to drink – they will definitely appreciate it!

A day without coffee is a day wasted

It is probably not difficult to confirm the truth of the thesis that a day without coffee can quickly turn out to be difficult. However, if we look at the statistics, we will certainly be clear why coffee is so important to Poles. According to recent research, 73 percent of adult citizens of our country consume this unique drink every day. What’s more, almost half of Poles (46 percent) cannot imagine a day without a few cups of coffee.

This is partly due to habit, a kind of morning ritual, partly directly from the properties of the drink that provides the body with a solid dose of caffeine. Coffee for business is today a standard element of every office. The more the culture and the importance of coffee rituals grow in Poland, the more important it is for employees to have high-quality coffee in their daily work (of course, for free!).

That is why the coffee machine has become an indispensable and basic element of office equipment today. It is worth adding that in recent years coffee consumption in our country has increased significantly, by a trifling 80%.

Investing in a good atmosphere

Every boss knows how important a good team atmosphere is. Today, more and more often, especially in the case of young employees, what counts for job satisfaction is not only the amount of remuneration, but also quality details, which are symbolic proof that they are an important part of the team.

The right coffee for the company expresses the employer’s concern for the employee’s well-being, comfort and convenience. After all, what motivates better on a gray autumn morning than a bit of gossip with a colleague from the department and a cup of black coffee? If we have the opportunity to drink a good quality drink directly in our office, we do not have to waste time and money on buying it in the city.

In a coffee shop, whether a chain or a small local one, the cost of coffee varies from about PLN 7/8 to almost PLN 15 or even PLN 20 for a drink brewed using alternative methods. So, if coffee for the company is brewed in a good machine, such an expense will pay off very quickly – both in financial terms and in a good atmosphere that will certainly prevail in the office.

The role and importance of coffee for the functioning of the human body is also confirmed by scientific research – according to experts, coffee affects us best if it is drunk between 9:30 and 11:30. It is not without reason that it is during these hours that the largest number of lovers of the drink made of roasted cocoa beans crowd the company coffee machines.

Take care of the quality!

There is nothing worse than poor quality coffee. Over the years in Poland we got used to drinking dubious flood water. Today, however, the expectations of many people are completely different. The coffee market offers an extremely wide range of types and types of coffee, so it is worth choosing the right coffee for your company After all, coffee is today the second most-drinked beverage in the world – in the rankings it is second only to water.

In addition, the coffee market around the world is also a huge trade market – its value is second only to crude oil. It is worth remembering that buying coffee for a company is, on the one hand, an investment in the right grain, but also properly selected equipment. Here, the choice is extremely large – starting from espresso machines (pressure or much cheaper overflow), through well-known and widely popular coffee makers, to the so-called coffee makers. alternative methods of brewing coffee – drips, chemex or aeropresses.

Extremely cheap capsule coffee machines are also very popular. If we decide to buy coffee for a company in beans, it is worth paying attention to its basic parameters – whether it is bitter or sour, what blend (arabica or robusta) it is roasted from and what is the roasting date. It is worth supplementing the office coffee arsenal with the right coffee grinder, if we buy it in beans.

Thanks to this, team members will be able to enjoy freshly roasted beans every day, which, apart from the obvious taste, will also ensure an extremely pleasant smell in the office kitchen. A large number of espresso machines have built-in grinders, as well as some drip coffee machines.

Investing in the right coffee for the company is certainly a better idea than buying colorful carbonated drinks, which today a large number of people give up for health reasons. Instead, it is worth focusing on a wide range of milk for coffee – in addition to traditional milk, you can buy lactose-free milk, as well as plant milks – oat or soy milk.

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