Car parts – what is worth knowing about them?

Car parts – what is worth knowing about them? Car breakdowns happen at least once to each of their users. Unfortunately, it often happens when the car is needed the most.

In addition, even when you do not have too much free funds,  ordering a vehicle repair is a must. Especially for people who need it for everyday functioning. What should you pay attention to when looking for car parts? Buy new or used?

Car parts – where can you buy them?

Single repairs can be done by yourself. It is enough to have some knowledge of the automotive industry and manual skills. If it’s a more serious or complex fault, you’ll need the right equipment.

Repair of cars, especially those with an older year, is associated with the replacement of specific car parts. It should be noted that they are usually much more expensive than the entire repair cost. Where can you buy car parts?

  1. At authorized service centers of a given brand. However, it should be taken into account that these are new and, above all, original parts, so unfortunately they will be very expensive.
  2. In automotive stores, both stationary and online. They have a wide selection of car parts. If the customer has some free time, it would be a good idea to order parts online. Why? Because you can count on lower prices there. And this will translate into lower car repair costs.
  3. At online auctions from private individuals. However, you must be aware that the part will be used, and it is difficult to determine its condition and value based on the photos. Used car parts are the cheapest. Of course, these are replacements.

New, original car parts

Many people decide to buy new, original car parts. Transactions can be made at authorized services. By choosing these types of parts, you can be sure that they are of high quality. So you don’t have to worry that after a week of use, the part will fail again. Obtaining a warranty is an indispensable element when buying new, original car parts.

The most common insertion is for a period of two years. People who have a new or relatively new car and have money for it decide on such a purchase. It is worth adding that for a vehicle, e.g. fifteen years old, it is completely unprofitable to buy new, original car parts.

Car parts – used, original

Used and original car parts are an alternative to new and also original ones. Most often, they are offered by private individuals at online auctions. For these types of parts, although they are original, the customer will not receive a warranty. It is worth buying them if they are in good condition. They don’t lose quality then.

If the buyer is unfamiliar with car parts, it is best to determine their condition by the mechanic who was commissioned to repair the car. These parts are purchased for vehicles that are 5 years old or more, in which the warranty period has expired. These cars are still relatively new, so it is best to repair them with original parts.

Cheaper substitutes

If the car breaks down during a difficult financial situation, it is possible to purchase cheaper replacements. They are available in new and used versions. They are very popular due to a much lower price than original parts.  However, when deciding to buy them, you must remember that they must meet certain quality standards.

If it is too low, the part will wear out quickly and the car will have another visit to the mechanic, and the owner of the vehicle will not save anything. Even with a limited budget, safety should be a priority. Poor quality replacements can cause serious failure, which can result in an accident. Therefore, it is better not to choose the cheapest options, because they can be very dangerous.

Which car parts are most often replaced? 

Periodic replacement of parts is a natural thing in the functioning of any car. The most frequently mentioned include:

          • Components of the braking system. We are talking about brake pads that are exposed to huge friction while driving. Their effectiveness is of great importance for the safety of the driver and passengers.
          • Filters – oil, fuel, air. They are recommended to be replaced every 15,000 kilometers, i.e. after a year of operation.
          • Engine oil. It should be replaced according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. The service life of the car’s powertrain depends on the quality of the oil. If the oil is fresh and clean, the risk of car breakdown will be much lower.
          • Tires. Due to the constant contact with the ground, they are the most vulnerable to damage.

To sum up

Don’t skimp on car parts. Their quality translates into the safety of the driver and passenger/passengers of the vehicle. Regular care of the car, i.e. its annual inspection and making minor repairs or replacements, e.g. Thus, the car owner will save money.

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