Diet catering – is it worth it at all?

Diet catering – is it worth it at all? There are people who have a busy schedule from morning to evening and are constantly on the move. They constantly have millions of projects, meetings, workshops and work on their minds. At the same time, they want to take care of their health and well-being to have the energy to perform all these activities.

In all this, they must find time to take care of proper nutrition. Cooking is practically out of the question as it takes too much time. Eating out is also not an ideal option – but it is hard on the pocket, and it is difficult to control the quality and quantity of meals consumed. The dream of such people is that someone would cook for them, and the food should be healthy, not too expensive and varied. And it’s best that they still get them under their noses every day and don’t have to run anywhere for them.

  • Sounds like an unrealistic wish, right? And yet, it turns out not to be so unrealistic. It has been possible for some time under the name of dietary catering and many people have found out about it the hard way, changing their lives for the better. In the following article, you will learn what dietary catering is, what are its benefits and, above all, whether using it pays off.

    Dietary catering – what is it with?

    Dietary catering is a service that has recently become a hit among people who value comfort, health and an active life. In an active life, unfortunately, there is no time to cook, so instead of cooking, ready-made meals are ordered home every day. Every morning, a courier brings a package with meals for the whole day to our door. Each meal is in a separate box – hence dietary catering is often called a box diet.

    These boxes are carefully packed to ensure the highest freshness and quality of our food. Caterers offer different types of menus depending on dietary needs. They take into account the number of calories and the content of the diet – the presence of meat, gluten, lactose or an additional amount of protein. There are really many options, and some companies even allow you to compose your own menu for a given week.

    How to use dietary catering?

    To use dietary catering, you must either place an appropriate order by filling out the form on the website of the catering company, or call the hotline. There we can choose the type of dietary catering, the number of calories, the number of meals per day, and the period for which we will receive the meals. It can be, for example, every day, or maybe, for example, only from Monday to Friday, when we have the least time to take care of our diet on our own.

    Many caterers also offer a trial menu, which is cheaper and is intended to allow us to get acquainted with the level of service of a given company. It is a good idea to try to see if the caterer offers food that will suit you before you decide to buy monthly catering. After placing your order and paying for it, we will start getting our meals.

    We also agree the delivery time with the company. On each selected day, we receive boxes with meals, which we can then either eat cold or microwave and eat warm. It seems very simple, if only we can refrain from eating everything at once – catering dishes are often not only delicious, but also visually very aesthetic.

    What can be gained thanks to dietary catering?

    First of all – a lot of free time. If we count all the hours we spend shopping, looking for recipes, figuring out what to cook here today, or looking for a restaurant, just cooking, we will have at least three hours a day.

    Using dietary catering, we limit this time to a minimum, because we only have to open the door for the courier, put the food in the fridge, and then eat it at a convenient time for us. So we have extra hours that we so often miss during the day.

    In addition, thanks to dietary catering, we can also organize our nutrition. There are dietary catering, in which the reduced number of calories and easily digestible ingredients are to ensure that we lose weight, if only we stick to their order. So it seems that dietary catering can bring us numerous benefits.

    Is it worth investing in dietary catering?

    So we are left to answer the question: how much does it cost and is it profitable for us? The prices of dietary catering vary depending on the type of diet and the period for which we decide to buy it.

    The average price oscillates around PLN 60 for one day full of meals, i.e. five boxes. It is both a lot and a little, depending on what we consider. If we cook at home and have time – that’s a lot, but if we don’t have time, and we know that time is money – well, maybe this is an option that will even save us something.

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