Facts and myths about online shopping

Facts and myths about online shopping. Simplicity, ease, convenience, pleasure – these are, in a nutshell, the terms that characterize online shopping. Today’s world is developing at a very fast pace, technology is moving forward thanks to which we have many opportunities that we should use because they can make our lives much easier.

One of such facilitations are online stores. With their help, he can buy anything, literally everything he wants, from furniture, household items, clothes, shoes to food. But is it really such a great solution? Here are examples of disadvantages that we can turn into advantages.

DISADVANTAGE: Making payments via the Internet is subject to theft

Totally not true! In fact, even in the “real” world, we are at risk of having our money stolen. All it takes is a moment of inattention, a crowded place, someone unintentionally pushes us and we no longer have a purse or wallet. Online stores are not overcrowded with crowds of people, there are no queues, no one will take away your purse or other valuable gadgets.

Of course, some people worry about their personal information being stolen when finalizing online payments. However, this is an unfounded fear, because everything is completely safe and secured with special certificates. Internet transfers are very convenient, which is an advantage.

DISADVANTAGE: We can’t try on, touch the thing we want to buy.

It’s true that you can’t touch the goods online, but we can always return the purchase if we don’t like it or it doesn’t fit. There is also another solution to this issue, just before “going” to the virtual clothing store, collect your exact measurements, if we do it right, there will be no problem with choosing the right size. Online stores have their counterparts in stationary stores, so it’s worth just going to measure the product and then order it online.

DISADVANTAGE: Too long to wait for delivery.

Online stores offer fast shipping, so purchases reach us on the third day, and if we place an order before 14:00, we will receive the shipment the next day. Shopping online saves us a lot more time than we lose waiting for the package.

Of course, there are certain periods in which the delivery time may be slightly longer, e.g. the pre-Christmas period. If we want the gift to arrive on time, and we are afraid that it will not, just order it in advance, not at the last minute – we will save ourselves unnecessary stress.

DISADVANTAGE: Higher prices than in a stationary store.

Completely untrue! It’s completely the other way around. It is the online stores that offer lower prices than the stationary ones. We do not pay for renting usable and advertising space, we do not pay for all employees. We get the goods straight from the seller, the contractor has no intermediary, so it’s cheaper – simple.

Thanks to online shopping, we can save not only time but also money because in the virtual world there are many more discounts, promotions and coupons. We get it by issuing opinions, recommending to friends, completing satisfaction surveys after shopping, in various competitions, in exchange for subscribing to the newsletter, setting up a loyalty card.

DISADVANTAGE: Poor quality product, not as described.

Before buying, we can always contact the seller by clicking on the “ask the seller” box. We can also read opinions about the product, ask other consumers in the comments about their opinion and feelings towards a given store or seller. We should also give ratings after purchases to help others make the final decision.

Such opinions are always available on the store’s website, nothing is hidden, so we should always dispel any doubts, check everything so that nothing surprises us. Because sometimes it happens that due to our oversight, we do not get what we wanted, so the store is not to blame in this case.

Online shopping is becoming more and more popular every year, perhaps in the future it will even be the only way to purchase the goods we need. The world is constantly evolving, so it’s very possible. Such methods have many supporters, because they make life much easier, which is sometimes difficult enough, so why not help yourself in some of its areas as soon as possible.

We should be grateful that we live in such times where it is simply easier and more pleasant. Progress is unavoidable, so it’s better to open up to what’s new and see possibilities, opportunities, not just threats that were, are and will always be somehow present in our lives. The opponents are also right, which is obvious, not everyone has to do what the majority does. We have the right to choose, we do what we want, what we need. There are so many choices, possibilities that everyone is able to find something for themselves.

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