How much does room ozonation cost?

ile kosztuje ozonowanie pokoju

How much does room ozonation cost? Ozonation of rooms has recently become very popular and fashionable. No wonder, therefore, that many people are looking for an answer to the question, what exactly is ozonation and how much does it cost? It is worth finding out what the method is all about and what benefits it brings. It is a natural method of purifying the air with an oxidant. It is ozone, which is created in a special device. The technology is very simple and does not take much time.

However, it is certainly very effective. To avoid serious complications, do not stay in the room where the generator is operating. For the same reasons, animals and plants should be removed from there. Finally, seal all openings, windows and doors.

Why is the interest in ozonisation of rooms growing?

No one has heard of ozonation until recently, although the existence of ozone and its properties is well known to specialists. The increased interest is due to the high efficiency of the method. First of all, in combating unpleasant odors, bacteria, viruses, mold and mustiness. What’s more, this method can be carried out at home or hire a professional company.

Whichever option you choose, take care of your personal protective equipment as improper handling of the gas can have serious consequences. The gas acts not only on toxic compounds, but also on living organisms. Another advantage of the solution is its neutral impact on the environment.

Ozone is extracted from the air, and after the procedure is completed, it turns back into oxygen molecules. In this way, it does not leave any poisonous waste behind. This is an innovative technology compared to the harmful chlorination also used for disinfection purposes.

Because the method is so effective, is it more expensive than other options available on the market? How much does it cost to ozonise a room and how much to ozonize an office?

How much does room ozonation cost?

Compared to other cleaning methods, specialists note that ozonation is relatively cheap. However, the price depends on several factors. which ones? Firstly, the offers of a specific company, as well as the size of the city in which it is located. Secondly, the size of the room and the purpose it serves is important. This, in turn, translates into the duration of the procedure.

Most often, companies offer the service for the cost of labor. Therefore, ozonation of an apartment with an area of ​​40 m2 can cost from PLN 90 to PLN 200. The duration of the procedure can vary from 1.5 to 2 hours. Companies have individual price lists, so before using the service, it is worth asking about the price range. A cheaper solution is to buy your own ozonator, which can be used for disinfection for your needs.

In such a situation, however, the manufacturer’s instructions should be followed exactly. Generator prices vary greatly. The cheapest cost about PLN 200. However, they tend to be smaller and less efficient. In turn, the more expensive ones cost from PLN 300 to PLN 600 and can be defined as home ozonators.

More technologically advanced equipment costs from PLN 1,800 to PLN 17,800. In such a situation, you can consider whether it is profitable to hire a company or buy your own device.

Why is ozonation one of the best methods of room disinfection?

The effectiveness of ozonation is due to ozone, i.e. active oxygen, which destroys bacteria more effectively than ultraviolet rays and chlorine. Ozonators are characterized by a specific action. Firstly, ozone particles have the ability to penetrate into the smallest crevices and nooks and crannies. In this way, they perform both air disinfection and objects or surfaces.

The advantage of ozone is that it can oxidize the membrane, protein and RNA of viruses without producing toxic by-products. After the generator is finished, the ozone breaks down into oxygen. Thanks to this, the symptoms of allergic reactions can be effectively minimized and the general well-being of building users can be improved.

In addition, ozonation improves the well-being of people suffering from respiratory diseases, as well as experiencing problems with blood pressure. Ozonated air also reduces the symptoms of fatigue.

What is the importance of ozonation of air in domestic rooms?

Ozonation primarily kills microorganisms. This process proceeds much faster than in the case of chemical actions. In addition, ozone leaves no toxic by-products as it is completely converted to oxygen. Ozonation has a proven effect on improving health and well-being.

In addition, it helps to effectively keep the rooms clean. Thanks to this, you can get rid of many troublesome problems that cannot be removed by other methods. Compared to the others, it is also a financially advantageous method. You can pay even several dozen zlotys for a small room, removing many problems at the same time. What’s more, ozonation leaves a pleasant, fresh smell in it, which is difficult to obtain using other methods. In such cases, price is always of secondary importance.

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