Log house – what does the construction and finishing process look like?

Dom z bali — jak wygląda proces budowy i wykończenia?

Log house – what does the construction and finishing process look like? You live in the city, but you don’t like it very much? There are those who cannot imagine life in the countryside without galleries, shops on every corner or easy access to work. These are usually people who grew up in the city like their parents and grandparents.

However, there are also those who dream of a wooden house in the middle of the forest, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, exhaust fumes, smog and crowded streets. They want to grow their vegetables and fruits on the beds, have their animals fed with natural food and be woken up every day by the singing of birds.

If you want your future to look like this, then instead of buying a larger apartment, decide to build your own log home . This is not only an ecological solution, but also faster and slightly cheaper than, for example, a brick house. Unfortunately, it has become commonplace that a wooden house is worse, less durable and not resistant to the environment. However, these are views about ancient houses, which were made of whatever wood was available, often had too much moisture and no wood preservatives. As a result, the buildings were often unstable, had low thermal insulation and were eaten by pests.

How is it today?

Wooden houses are becoming more and more popular. They owe it not only to their charm, but also to naturalness and excellent thermal insulation. Why are wooden houses back in favor? First of all, currently knowledge about this type of construction is much wider. Therefore, properly dried or seasoned wood is used for construction, the houses are well sealed and protected with wood preservatives that protect it against pests.

The most natural way, but still negligible when it comes to construction, is the use of so-called wood. “lunar” . The name may be confusing. However, it is not a magical raw material cut by forest fairies. This is wood that was cut in winter in months like January or February. However, this is not all, because it should be cut after the full moon, i.e. when the moon is waning.

For what purpose are such activities carried out? The “moon” wood is much better quality in terms of not only fire resistance, but also pest resistance. Interestingly, this technique does not use any metal elements or connectors, but only wooden pegs.

Pay attention to water installations

In the case of a log house and any other wooden buildings, there is a very important point to keep in mind. This is moisture, or rather, its prevention. When looking for a construction team, you should first check what knowledge of the profession they can boast of.

The person who installs all piping and plumbing should also be familiar with the effects of moisture on the building. Unfortunately, it has a destructive effect not only on the entire building, but also on the household members. In the case of a building, when moisture gets into the walls, they begin to loosen, rot and mold. The whole building is destroyed after some time, it can collapse and lose its thermal insulation.

As for the inhabitants, they are threatened not only by the danger of collapsing structures, but also by mold poisoning. It has long been known how destructive impact mold has on health and it is necessary to remove it from buildings and living spaces.

Thus, if the entire structure is damp, there may be entire colonies of fungus, or even worse, it may not be visible at first glance. So it will slowly destroy the health of the household members. That is why it is so important to have a good quality and well-protected water installation, as well as the use of the right raw material for building a house.

Correct wood

It has been known for a long time that durable and solid buildings are made of high-quality raw material. Therefore, you should make sure that your house is made of the best wood, which is intended for this type of construction. Poor and brittle brick will not build a brick house that will serve the next generations, but weak, unstable and devoid of resistance to any damage. It’s the same with wood. If it is of poor quality, too damp or has mechanical damage, the house will be of little vitality, it will quickly deteriorate and it will not accumulate heat.

So what should be the correct wood that can be used to build a log house? First of all, make sure that it is dried mechanically. This ensures the best wood parameters and relatively low humidity, i.e. about 18%.

Usually, however, the wood prepared in polka is not suitable for the construction of this type of houses due to too high humidity. If so, a slightly different scheme may be used. It consists in building a house and then leaving it for 3 months to dry. However, it must be without doors and windows at this time, i.e. we dry the building before these elements are inserted.

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