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Firma przeprowadzkowa Wrocław

Moving company Wroclaw: It can be convenient to change your place of residence and organize your move, with the right organization taking into account the smallest details. The moving company Wrocław offers turnkey removal organizations: apartments, houses or offices.

The company’s employees pack their belongings themselves, load them into specially equipped vehicles, transport them safely and, if necessary, install furniture and equipment in new locations. Experts will also assist in the disassembly and assembly of office furniture, desks, chairs and cabinets when an office relocation is ordered.

What does the Wrocław moving company do?

  • Accuracy – Don’t put dumbbells in the same crystal box. They use specialized tools to dismantle and transport things. They carefully transport, load and unload the entrusted property. Thanks to this, customers ordering removal services from Wrocław will receive all the same items as before the start of the service.
  • Fair price – All types of work are specified in the cost estimate attached to the contract. Fees are final and there are no on-site surcharges.
  • Courtesy – answer any questions or requests, even if the piano is brought to the 12th floor.
  • Formal Agreement – ​​Before starting work, an agreement is signed to protect the interests of the client and the Wroclaw moving company. For example, it guarantees compensation for property damage or damages.
  • Careful packing is a separate service. If someone wants to fully protect themselves from headaches related to packaging, the company’s employees will be happy to help. They use specialized packaging materials, and thanks to their skills, they will do everything at least twice as fast.

Moving services in Wroclaw: services offered

Moving involves the transport of many different items: household appliances, furniture, potted plants, gardening tools and more. The charger will carefully pack all your items, transport them and place them in a new place.

Moving companies from Wroclaw are fully involved in organizing removals and offer:

  • Protect property with packaging materials. The arsenal contains dozens of modern materials for various purposes, with which they carefully pack everything from large sofas to delicate figurines.

  • Assembling and disassembling furniture at home. Sometimes furniture needs to be removed to get it through the door. It will take some time, but a professional team can solve it. This is one of the most important tasks when transporting bulky and valuable items. The customer no longer has to worry about how to dismantle a bulky sofa or pack fragile electronics – everything will be done for him by a professional. During disassembly, each piece of furniture is marked and packed individually. Items that cannot be removed are also carefully packed in bubble wrap and boxes. Therefore, the risk of damage is minimal.
  • Load and unload property. At first glance, this is the easiest step in moving, but the lack of professionalism can have irreversible consequences. Also, some houses don’t have freight elevators, so you have to carry things, including large items, up the stairs. Skilled loaders use special equipment for this – lifting straps, slings and trolleys. Another problem is the width of the steps and stairs: they usually do not allow turning around with a bulky load. In general, there is no difference in the size of the door to the apartments. Therefore, the loader has to perform many difficult operations to bring the furniture into the room without damage, especially if the furniture is not folded. Professionals know all the secrets of unloading.
  • Use your own fleet of vehicles with different payloads for transportation. Drivers are proficient not only in Wrocław, but throughout Poland and EU countries. This allows them to provide the cheapest route to your destination. A professional moving company from Wrocław transports clients’ real estate using special vehicles equipped with fastenings.

The client’s property is taken care of by a moving company in Wrocław

In all phases of the Wroclaw relocation service, the loader is responsible for the transported property, for which the company is financially responsible. A well-thought-out logistics system enables on-time delivery. The company has its own fleet, and the vehicles undergo regular technical inspections and are always in good condition, which also ensures the safety of cargo transport.

Relocation should not be compared to chaos. It all depends on the choice of self-organizing and deleting services. It is based on a jointly developed project with the client, in which the final cost is clearly defined. The customer knows in advance how much and what fees he will have to pay.

Professional and economical removal – Wrocław

This moving company from Wroclaw employs people who work efficiently and love their job. Anyone can book a cheap apartment, house, office move, and the staff will do everything at a high level, because we only employ professionals. Companies providing this type of service have experience in assembling and disassembling furniture and in moving large items.

The price of transporting goods is attractive and the quality of services is high. Here you can order the removal of any complexity. From the transport of banking or storage equipment to the delivery of several pieces of furniture. All items are carefully packed and carefully loaded into the vehicle.

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