Safe and quick office relocation – how to plan it well?

Bezpieczna i szybka przeprowadzka biura - jak to dobrze zaplanować?

Safe and quick office relocation – how to plan it well? Safe and quick office relocation – how to plan it well? Changing the company’s headquarters is usually a big disorganization and inconvenience, both for employees and company owners.

It takes an exceptionally large dose of patience and perfect organization to go through this process quickly and without any losses. In large cities, removal companies are very well known, and it is worth using their services when moving an office to another location, especially if it is a large company with a lot of furniture and valuable equipment. How to properly prepare for this process, and can moving offices be troublesome?

Preparation of the office and employees

Undoubtedly, the biggest problem that arises when moving offices is the general disorganization of work and chaos that is hard to control. Employees are not sure how to work, the equipment is often moved, unpacked, and this usually takes up to several days. Therefore, first you should take care of the proper organization of work in the company, because even a few days’ delay and reduction in work efficiency can result in rapid drops in income, which is known to be undesirable.

It is therefore worth planning a whole week or two of work during which the move will take place, as they usually do not last longer than this period. However, this depends on the size of the office and the amount of equipment transported. Good organization of work is one thing, but it is equally crucial to properly secure all important documents that are very important information about the company and are needed for its functioning.

It is best to buy special plastic boxes in which the sealed documents will be safe and none of them will be lost or damaged. Moving offices is, above all, a lot of work for the employees themselves and those responsible for its smooth and safe operation. It is therefore worth making it as easy as possible and taking care of the details so that the office is in a new location intact and without any losses.

Choosing the right transport company

When the organization of work and securing documents is over, it is worth starting to look for a company that offers office removal services. As in large cities there are usually at least a dozen such organizations on the market, we will certainly find one that meets our expectations.

As it is well known, not every moving company offers the right level of services, which is why it is crucial to familiarize yourself with their price list, type of services, but above all, opinions on the Internet that will tell you whether a given company is worth its price. The safety of company furniture, electronic equipment and their proper and quick transport are priorities, which is why obtaining references and proven opinions about the reliability and professionalism of such services is very important.

It is also a good idea to find an office removal company that also carries out orders on weekends, thanks to which there is a good chance of moving all things to the new location quickly and efficiently without major problems and delays in the work schedule. A lot also depends on the details, so it’s worth being precise in describing what is expected from the company we hire to move.

The written contract and all formalities confirming the performance of the service should be carefully read. This will allow you to pursue your rights if the company was unreliable and damaged the equipment or simply failed to complete the agreed tasks.

Measurements and visualization

One of the key elements when moving offices that many people forget about is making the right measurements of furniture, i.e. desks, wardrobes, chairs or other usable elements of the rooms.

The size of some of them in the new office may vary significantly, and then the old layout of desks is not fully functional. This, in turn, can lead to additional disorganization that will delay and slow down the work of employees. When we have a new location, it is worth going there and planning a new arrangement of furniture and other equipment in each room.

It is also worth consulting such a plan with another office employee who may possibly notice some other, functional solution. Unnecessary furniture or those that simply will not fit in the new office can simply be thrown away or sold, of course, according to the owners’ will, so as not to clutter the space.

In modern offices, pleasant minimalism prevails most often, which has a great impact on the quality of work and the concentration of employees. Having such an opportunity, it is worth using it and trying to arrange a new office using old furniture in a similar style. If all the above points have already been met, we can be calm about the process of moving companies – with such preparation, each of them will take place efficiently and without problems, and additionally it will not take too much time.

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