What does a translation agency do?

What does a translation agency do? Translation offices can be found in many cities in Poland. It would seem that nowadays, when we are able to communicate more and more often in foreign languages, this type of activity should not exist, there are still a lot of translation agencies, and there is no shortage of clients. Let’s talk a bit more about translation agencies.

What is a translation agency?

The issue of the definition of a translation agency should not pose a problem to anyone. However, we don’t really know anything other than that it’s an activity where specific translations are made. Translation agencies associate translators of a given foreign language or different foreign languages. However, the fact that a person is fluent in, for example, English, does not mean that he or she will translate every document. Each translator specializes in a given specialization.

Types of translations

There are many types of translations. Whatever, but the translation of ordinary documents is not the same as technical translation, which is definitely more demanding.

What other types of translations do we distinguish?

  • the already mentioned technical translations (operating manuals for machines and devices)
  • scientific translations (scientific papers, books, research),
  • medical translations (translations of medical tests, drug leaflets, etc.)
  • sworn translations (a type of translations performed by sworn translators).

Who works in a translation agency?

Have you ever wondered who works in a translation agency? Translators work in the translation office. Most often, these are translators who specialize in a given language or languages ​​or in a specific type of translation. No translator deals with both scientific and technical translations. Rather, it develops in a given field.

The work of a translator is not an easy job at all. We must bear in mind that it is rather responsible work. Sometimes you really translate documents that we have to keep confidential. Not to mention sworn translators.

To become a translator, you must be an educated person who is fluent in at least two languages, for example Polish and English. However, the education of translators does not end at university. Translators from a given specialization, for example, dealing with medical translations, are very often simply doctors.

It is impossible to become a good and reliable medical translator, since basic medical issues are difficult for us in our native language, and only in a foreign language. Especially in the case of medical issues, any mistake made can have serious consequences.

When to use the services of a translation agency?

Since we already know what translation agencies are and who works in them, we should tell ourselves when to use a translation agency? Certainly, when it is necessary to translate a given document into a foreign language.

Of course, knowing the language, we can try to translate it ourselves, but when it comes to difficult official or technical letters, even with fluent knowledge of the language, we can often have a big problem. Therefore, in such a situation, let’s go to a translation agency.

How to recognize a good translation agency?

In order to be fully satisfied with the services of a given office, we should check them carefully. Whatever, but we do not undertake cooperation with any office in the dark. The exception is when someone recommended us a given office. However, when we are looking for a translation agency on our own, we should carefully analyze all opinions about a specific place.

Of course, opinions can be found online. The more positive opinions about a given facility, the better. Of course, negative opinions do not encourage us at all. Their large number should scare us away. It’s best to have a translation agency on recommendation, but you know how it is.

It is a great convenience that nowadays we do not have to establish cooperation with a translation agency in our city. We can do everything online. We can cooperate with translators even from outside our country. All we have to do is send them a document that we need to have translated and a ready file containing already translated documents will be sent to us by e-mail. This is a great simplification. It is especially easier for people living in small towns or villages.

I believe that after reading this article, no one will throw all translators into one bag. We already understand some of the distinctions and we know perfectly well how it all works. We know which translator to turn to with our needs and which translations are sometimes the most difficult.

Let’s respect translators, because this profession is really not difficult and requires self-improvement all the time. You can’t leave the industry even for a moment. This is especially true for sworn, medical, scientific or technical translators. Let’s appreciate the dedication and work they put into their careers. If necessary, we also know how to find a translator worth recommending.

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