What does an SEO expert mean?

Co oznacza ekspert SEO?

What does an SEO expert mean? An SEO specialist is a digital marketer who optimizes your website to rank higher in search engines and increase traffic.

What is search engine optimization?

Google AdsSEO specialist is short for “Search Engine Optimization”. It is the practice of optimizing a website for high ranking in Google or other search engines. SEO focuses on improving your position in search results.

If you have a website and want to increase traffic, this should be part of your marketing efforts. The ranking of these search results is determined by the Google algorithm.

While Google’s algorithm remains a mystery, years of SEO experience have given us a good understanding of important ranking factors. In our opinion, the factors in the Google algorithm can be divided into two categories: on-page and off-page.

Your site’s ranking is partly determined by factors on the site. On-page SEO factors are all factors that you can influence from your website. These factors include technical aspects, such as code quality and site speed, and content-related aspects, such as site structure or copy quality on pages.

These are all key factors in on-page SEO. In addition to on-site SEO factors, there are also off-site SEO factors. These factors include links from other websites, attention to social media, and other off-site marketing.

It can be difficult to influence these off-page SEO factors. The most important of these off-page factors is the quantity and quality of links to your site. The more high-quality, relevant pages linking to your site, the higher your Google ranking.

Who are SEO experts?

Let’s explain what an SEO expert does from the very beginning. When a person types a query into a field in Google Search or another system, they see the search results (pages) ranked – from the first row to the tenth row on the first page, as well as on the second and subsequent pages.

It didn’t happen by accident. The better the pages of your site and the site as a whole, the better your ranking in search results. High ranking – high traffic. You may have noticed that you clicked on links in the search results above when searching for information.

Working in SEO is quite paradoxical. On the one hand, you have to be able to concentrate and withdraw into yourself, and on the other hand, introverts have a hard time. You have to be in constant communication with the client and be able to “sell” current results, which is never enough from the client’s point of view.

Instead of resorting to technical jargon, you need to use your imagination to explain the essence of the work to the client with simple examples. Clients of SEO services are always skeptical about contractors. We know why – they had to “burn”. There is a contract between the client and the SEO specialist, but the document is mainly protected by the contractor – the document guarantees that they will not be deprived of funding after 1-2 months.

The contractor himself cannot guarantee that the page will be on top because SEO is not an exact science, everything is pre-calculated.

SEO expert – Tasks

The work of an SEO professional can include optimizing content and landing pages, creating and updating content, conducting ongoing keyword research to identify new marketing opportunities, and more. Some of these methods are relatively simple, others are much more complex and involve multiple steps, not just a little research, all related to aspects of your site over which SEO experts have direct control.

However, SEO also involves some external factors and things related to your site’s context, competition, and connection to the rest of the web. Often, SEO is not just about getting more clicks on the sales page, but also about the company’s efforts to build brand awareness and recognition. Building brand awareness is not a strategy that has an immediate and immediate impact on sales, but a strategy that works long term.

This helps companies create engaging content and increase recognition among their target audience. Thanks to brand awareness, recipients associate the company with a specific product or service.

This is where the best SEO experts should stand out

Becoming a great SEO expert requires a wide range of skills. All these skills are important for an effective SEO manager, but above all, knowledge of technical aspects, search engine algorithms, keyword and link building, and of course the ability to use tools that make SEO activities more efficient and convenient in the daily work of SEO experts.

Analytical skills and familiarity with Google tools such as GA and GSC are essential for today’s professionals to keep the pulse and track activities and campaign results and effectiveness. Search engine algorithms are constantly changing, so it’s important to understand the technical aspects of SEO in order to be able to fix any issues and achieve great page visibility.

Knowledge of HTML and CSS is almost mandatory, so you shouldn’t skip it. Other important SEO skills include keyword research, which is a solid foundation to work from. Then there’s link building to help you stay ahead of the competition and then link building.

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