Why is it worth choosing chiptuning?

Why is it worth choosing chiptuning? Chiptuning is the process by which the electronic control unit is reprogrammed. This allows the engine to operate within different parameters. The ECU is located in the injection system and regulates the amount of air and fuel mixture.

When we reprogram, we can determine what we want to achieve with this mixture. The cost depends on what we are going to do.

Engine tuning is a key part of our car’s electrical and computer systems. This system controls a number of different systems, regulating and ensuring continuous power.

Systems control

Depending on the type of car and year of manufacture, the ECU can control many different systems. These include the automatic transmission system, vehicle stabilization system, fuel injection, valve assist systems, timing and ignition systems and speed management system. The whole thing is crucial for the functioning of our vehicle. The chip responds to stimuli from the vehicle to pressurize the valves and fuel injection systems. In this way, it regulates the maximum speed and acceleration of the vehicle.

What else should we know about chiptuning?

The ECU in our car is usually located in the control panel of the dashboard. It is available through the diagnostic port. In most cases, it is best to leave the handling of the chip to specialists. Interference with working systems by accidentally adjusting certain system settings or by tampering without the proper knowledge can cause problems with the car. Some of this damage can still be repaired, others not.

Engine tuning

Changes in ECU tuning have a potentially negative impact on reliability. Maps with less fuel means more power, but are much more susceptible to a bad gas tank or higher air temperatures. Incorrect setting can cause immediate and serious engine damage.

Acceleration can mean more power, but also a greater risk of potential detonation. If this detonation occurs, the knock sensor may not sufficiently protect the engine. In the event of greater acceleration, the engine can reach a higher rotational speed. However, this involves higher levels of wear and tear and significantly voids the car’s powertrain warranty.

Professional installation

If a regular mechanic wants to install a new ECU chip himself, there could be some problems. Incorrect installation of the chip can lead to serious damage to the engine and, consequently, to expensive repairs. Professional installation can cost around PLN 3,000, depending on the type of car.


Of course, we have to reckon with the costs associated with installing the ECU and tuning the engine to optimal performance, but eventually we will start to see huge savings. We will save a lot of fuel and the engine will run smoother.

Better performance

Injection system reprogramming for better performance. However, this means that other parts must be replaced. Spark plugs, distributors, wires, valves and other parts work better thanks to chip tuning. However, we should replace them if we want to get the full benefits.

Quick performance improvement

The quickest and easiest way to increase the performance of a computer-controlled engine is to install an ECU. This process is also known as “computer shredding” and involves introducing many variables related to performance. Among such variables we can include: spark temperature and duration, injector pulse width, fuel rail pressure and ignition timing. In turbocharged and supercharged engines, boost pressure can also be increased. You can also increase the number of horsepower from 30-50 horses, and in some cases up to 150. Chiptuning also improves vehicle control. Some engine parameters allow you to tune the vehicle’s performance according to the driver’s needs and inputs.

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Car tuning kit

It is usually specialized and aimed at one specific area of ​​operation. There are certain kits that may contain improvements that improve the performance of several areas. However, there is no one type of set that is universal. Tuning is limited to achieving a certain level of racing performance, even though most upgraded cars will never see a racetrack. Car tuning covers areas such as audio, interior, exterior and all engine and suspension systems. In this way, the fuel filler, air intake, ignition system can be improved, because they are all interdependent.

How to check if the ECU chip upgrade is faulty?

Sometimes you may need to update the manufacturer’s software. This may cause the chip to be overwritten, in which case you may need to rewrite it. Typically, the company that upgraded the vehicle rewrites.

They can even do it for free. If possible, request an update to meet the latest updated manufacturers specifications. If parts of the car do not function properly, the engine may require a diagnostic check.

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