What about curtains or blinds for windows?

Co na okna zasłony czy rolety

What about curtains or blinds for windows? Modern interiors captivate with their elegance, lightness and spaciousness. Among the various ideas on how to arrange your cozy nest, it is worth considering how to achieve the desired arrangement effect. How can we use curtains or blinds in our homes for this purpose? let’s find out.

Similarities between blinds and curtains

The appearance of the window has a great impact on whether the interior is less or more pleasant. Curtains or blinds are the most common. Which window decoration is better? The window is such an element of the interior that we look at very often during the day. When we look at the view outside the window, we also look at its decor.

It is worth spending some time to decorate the window as best as possible. Blinds or curtains are a matter of aesthetics, but not only. Some characteristics of curtains and blinds are indeed common to these materials. Roller shutter lowered and curtains drawn on the window guarantee privacy at night. You can also limit the amount of sunlight that gets inside.

This is especially useful in the summer when it is very hot. Blinds or curtains will darken the interior, making it a bit cooler. Both have different translucency, so this protection can be insignificant, but also considerable. This feature determines the degree of penetration of the sun’s rays inside.

When we decide on each of the above window covering options, we can choose from many patterns and colors. This is another very important similarity. However, in order to make a good choice, you also need to know the differences.

What is the difference between blinds and curtains?

The main advantage of choosing roller shutters is gaining a more spacious interior. During the day, they do not cover the window at all, it is either empty or with a curtain. At night, however, they only cover the area of ​​​​the glass itself. The interior with a window with curtains is much less spacious than without them. When we decide to choose blinds instead of curtains, we gain more space on the sides of the window.

The choice of curtains or blinds in a small room makes a big difference. Other advantages of choosing curtains are certainly emphasizing the character of a modern interior and less work directly related to keeping the apartment clean. The method of covering the window by the roller blinds makes them a more practical sun protection. Sometimes it is enough not to cover the whole window, but only to lower it a bit.

Curtains, in turn, bring coziness to our interior. They also make the window look much more effective. It is, after all, a window decoration that occupies a much larger area. Choosing them determines that the window has a much greater impact on the entire arrangement. It fits perfectly with the style of classic interiors.

What instead of curtains?

In addition to traditional curtains or more modern blinds, there are also interesting solutions that enable effective and also tasteful covering of our windows. One of them are blinds, which come in two specific varieties. It is a horizontal and vertical variant. The first version is used rather to cover small and medium-sized windows.

In turn, the second one is used to cover wider glazing, for example in large halls or offices. When it comes to the type of material from which blinds are made, the most popular are wooden, aluminum or PVC models.

Regardless of the type of material used, they effectively protect the interior against excessive sunlight. They have the advantage that by setting the slats at the right angle, you can adjust the degree of window darkening. Compared to roller blinds, cleaning the blinds seems more difficult due to the construction itself.

An extremely interesting way to cover numerous glazing are pleats, which allow you to cover a fragment of any window both from the bottom and from the top. The advantages of this solution include: semicircles, triangles and trapezoids. Their original and interesting appearance will be an accent that is extremely interesting in terms of decorating a given room.

Another option is panel curtains. They perfectly replace traditional curtains. They are also an attractive element of modern interior design. Just like vertical blinds, they give the opportunity to cover large areas. Films are rarely used as screens for window panes.

We sell foils in various colors, surface structures and the degree of matting. Depending on which storey the room with the window to be screened is located, you can basically cover the whole pane or only part of it.

In order to be able to make the right decision, which window covering will best suit the interior design, the very specificity of a particular room should be taken into account. We must not forget about the advantages as well as the limitations of each of the solutions presented above. This is extremely important.

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