Garage for a medal – how to choose a functional gate?

Garage for a medal – how to choose a functional gate? There are many types of garage doors on the market. They differ in the way of opening, drive, thermal insulation, anti-burglary protection, as well as appearance and comfort of use. How not to get lost in this maze of offers and opportunities?

First of all, you should calmly consider our needs and take into account the means. Our choice of a garage door will depend largely on the space we have, how the garage itself is built, and how much money we can spend on the purchase of a garage door.

In the guide below, we will present the most important things to pay attention to when buying a garage door. It is worth thinking carefully about this issue, because the garage door is not only a big expense, but also any defects are very expensive. Often, garage doors also have a drive, the damage of which may be difficult to remove on your own. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our advice.

Sectional and up-and-over garage door

The most popular type of garage door is the sectional garage door. This is the most practical type of gate because it takes up the least space. It also does not require an additional long driveway, because in this type of gate the door completely hides inside the garage.

The door in this type of gate is made of several segments, usually from three to six. In the upper type sectional door, the door moves on the guides mounted on both sides of the garage entrance. There is also a version of the side sectional door, which is designed for lower, but wider garages. Such a gate, thanks to the fact that it takes up little space, will work very well, for example, in a city where the entrance to the garage is located right next to the street.

Another popular type of garage door is the up-and-over garage door. As the name suggests, this type of garage door swings open, so it will require more space than a sectional door. It is designed for garages that have a driveway. Its greatest advantage is its simple design, which increases its reliability and makes it relatively less susceptible to faults.

Other types of garage doors

In addition to the sectional and up-and-over garage doors mentioned above, there are other types of garage doors. One such gate is the swing gate, which is a traditional garage door model. In this type of garage door, the door opens outwards. It can be a door with one or two leaves.

However, regardless of the number of leaves, this type of gate requires a sufficiently long driveway. In order to be able to open the swing gate door, the driveway must also be flat. So it is a convenience gate, also of a simple design, but unfortunately it will not work in every garage. It is also worth paying attention to the roller garage door, the construction of which corresponds to the construction of window blinds.

The door is made of many narrow segments that wind up on an axle fixed above the entrance to the garage. Just like a sectional door, a rolling door takes up relatively little space and does not require a driveway. However, remember to include additional space for the cassette into which the roller blind will be rolled up when opening the door.

Thermal insulation and safety

When choosing a garage door, you should also pay attention to additional parameters, such as thermal insulation and safety. The price of the garage door provided by the manufacturer does not always include these elements, and they are also expensive, often doubling the price of the entire door.

Garage doors can be equipped with many additional functions. These include, for example, a photocell and safety systems that are designed to stop the garage door if it hits an obstacle or hits someone nearby.

Garage doors can also be equipped with a soft closing system so that they do not hit the floor violently at the last stage of closing. If you have an insulated garage, you should also pay attention to the thermal insulation of the garage door. These types of gates are additionally enclosed and sealed with the use of appropriate materials.

Garage door drive

Garage doors are more and more often equipped with a garage door drive, which allows it to be opened and closed automatically. This is a very comfortable solution, because you do not have to get out of the car to open the garage door with the drive. The gate is controlled by a remote control. There are also alternative solutions, such as a garage door opened with a code or even equipped with a fingerprint reader.

This type of garage door is also better protected against burglary. It is best to entrust the selection of automation for the garage door to a professional, because the appropriate selection of the drive requires many factors to be taken into account. The type of drive will vary depending on, among other things, the weight of the gate, its size, construction, and how often we will open and close the gate.

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