Why are Poles afraid of visiting the dentist?

Why are Poles afraid of visiting the dentist? The condition of the teeth of Poles leaves much to be desired. A large group visits the dentist regularly, also takes care of the correct bite at the orthodontist. Unfortunately, still a large part of the population visits the dentist only in the case of extreme pain and inflammation, which cannot be dealt with by generally available drugs.

Many 30- to 40-year-olds are missing several teeth in both the front and back. Why is there such aversion to visits to the dentist’s office?

Fear of the dentist

The most common answer to the question about the reasons for avoiding the dentist is fear. Where does it come from if the visit doesn’t hurt? Mostly from our memories. Many people have unpleasant memories of visiting the dentist. The tooth drilling was accompanied by a huge bang and pain, despite the anesthesia.

They did not look very friendly to this office and were associated with a bad smell. The teeth were also often badly made, and silver amalgams did not improve our appearance. If we add an unpleasant dentist to this, we have a ready-made recipe for a phobia.

Today’s image of the dentist is completely different. They are nice, smiling people who care about the comfort of their patients. The offices are well equipped and anesthesia would work even on an elephant. But how can we stop being afraid if we don’t know it and we have childhood images in our heads? Unfortunately, it is not easy, because often no talking to friends about their positive experiences or reading other people’s stories does not help.

It takes a lot of work on yourself to break through. First of all, you have to convince yourself that it’s nothing terrible. Make an appointment with a dentist who has a very good attitude towards the patient. After the first visit, when we see that the visits look completely different, our fears will slowly start to disappear.

Visiting costs

Very often we hear from people that they do not go to the dentist because they cannot afford it. Most of the time it’s just an excuse to hide fear. Because it’s hard to admit being afraid of the dentist, especially for men. When it comes to the costs themselves, it is actually not cheap if we have neglected our teeth and, for example, are waiting for root canal treatment. However, if we walk regularly and have ordinary losses, the cost will be PLN 200.

We must also remember that we have the opportunity to take advantage of dental care on the National Health Fund. Many treatments are reimbursed, for some you have to pay part of the funds, e.g. for a white filling. Here, too, there will be criticism that incompetent doctors work in state clinics, which is not true. They also have private practices and their own offices. Also, the equipment in clinics is getting better and better.

We also do not have to perform all procedures on the National Health Fund if we have any concerns. But why not take advantage of the free sandblasting that every patient is entitled to once a year. Everyone should care about their teeth because we only have one. Using dentures is not pleasant, it is better to bite with your own teeth. There is also the issue of aesthetics – teeth and our smile are our business card, so let’s take care of them systematically.

Bad habits

Health prevention is very lame in our society. And although everyone knows the slogan that prevention is better than cure, still not enough people apply this principle. We should prevent diseases on a daily basis through a healthy diet, exercise and periodic examinations. And the same should be the case with our teeth. It is better to visit the dentist more often and check if everything is fine with our teeth. Inspections are free, so nothing stands in the way of going to the office once every six months.

Unfortunately, most often we go to the dentist when we are in a lot of pain and painkillers stop working. Doing so can result in serious problems and inflammation affecting our entire body. Often, long-term neglect results in tooth loss or huge treatment costs. I don’t think it’s worth putting extra stress and unnecessary expenses on yourself.

The perfect dentist

It will mean something completely different for everyone, but they really do exist and it is worth finding a dentist that is right for you. If we are afraid of visits, let’s look for someone who has a good approach to the patient and will be able to control our fears. Immediately on the first visit, it is worth telling about your fears that the dentist will dispel. If we are afraid of pain, the doctor will tell us about the available anesthetics that make us feel nothing. The unpleasant sound of the drill can be muffled by music.

There are many ways to deal with fears. We can read about it on the Internet or ask your dentist. Let us also remember that many people are afraid just like us, hence dentists have many proven ways to make us feel comfortable.

A visit to the office is a must, we need healthy teeth, so let’s not postpone their treatment. And so someday the time will come, and it is better to go to the dentist when we are not in pain. We will be less nervous and easier to bear the visit.

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